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BUSYLIGHT Alpha UC for Microsoft Skype for Business - Estos - Cisco Jabber - USB-Plug - black
SPECTRALINK 84-Series Dual Charger. Order power supply (2200-37240-001) separately.
SPECTRALINK Multi Cell License
SPECTRALINK IP-DECT Server 400 License bundle 30users, 12speech channels + Lync + MultiCell License
SPECTRALINK Belt Clip with Connector for 75-Series
SPECTRALINK Belt Clip with Connector for 76-Series
POLYCOM VVX Expansion Module Paper directory for VVX 300 310 400 410 500 + 600 incl. AUX cable and attachment Hardware
SPECTRALINK 84-Series Belt Clip Assembly incl 1x WTO205 Belt Clip 1x Screw 1x Button
Spectralink 02319701 Speziell Beutel Leder Schwarz Tasche für Mobilgeräte
SPECTRALINK Metal Belt Clip for 75-Series
POLYCOM Hands-free-adapters for NOKIA
POLYCOM Hands-free-adapters for SAMSUNG
POLYCOM Hands-free-adapters for SIEMENS
SPECTRALINK User License for KWS6000/KWS6500, 150 users
SPECTRALINK User License for KWS6000/KWS6500, 500 users
POLYCOM Combined Deskstand and Wallmount for use with SPIP 320 330 321 335 Package size 5pcs
SPECTRALINK Butterfly Programming Kit
SPECTRALINK Power supply, World wide
SPECTRALINK IP-DECT Server 400, 1G8 version
SPECTRALINK License for 30 users/12 speech channels
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